• What type of care does Beresford Hall provide?
  • Does Beresford Hall offer respite (short-term) care?
  • What is an ACAT and how does it work?
  • What are the fees and charges?
  • What is an Accommodation Payment?
  • Is my Refundable Accommodation Deposit guaranteed by the Australian Government?
  • What is Extra Service Status?
  • Where can I get financial assistance in relation to aged care?
  • Can I visit Beresford Hall and view the suites and facilities?
  • My doctor will not visit Beresford Hall. Does Beresford Hall have a list of doctors in the local area that can take on new patients?
  • Who is Dr Shane Moran?
  • I want to work at Beresford Hall. How do I take the next step?
  • Where can I find more information on the history of Beresford Hall?

Beresford Hall
1 Cranbrook Road
(cnr New South Head Road)
Rose Bay NSW 2029

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T: (02) 8388 8000
F: (02) 8388 8080
E: enquiries@beresfordhall.com.au
W: www.beresfordhall.com.au

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